Could you spell it?

Here is my favourite sequence (right now - haven't heard nearly all shows there are). It's in The Affair of the Lone Banana (series 5, episode 5). Some five minutes into the show, Neddie is at a shipping office in order to get a ticket to South America...

Henry...Must have the documents. Ymnbnkhmn, now, what's all this about? Oh yes, yes. Your name?
SeagoonNeddie Pugh Seagoon.
HenryN E D D I E... Neddie - what was next?
SeagoonNeddie Pugh Seagoon.
HenryPugh, P H E W.
SeagoonNo no no, it's pronounced Phew but it's spelt PUGH.
HenryPUGH, PUGH yes, P U G H - there - Neddie Pugh, Seagoon wasn't it?
SeagoonYes... Seagoon S E A G O O N.
HenryCould you spell it?
SeagoonCertainly - S E A G O O N.
HenrySeagoon... S E A er - mnkk - mnkk [Goes to sleep]
SeagoonG O O N - Seagoon.
HenryO O N - ahhh yes, good, yes, yes, good, good - there, the full name. Now - address?
SeagoonNo fixed abode.
HenryNo... F I X E D fixed... A B... A B...
SeagoonA B O D E.
HenryO D E... There we are - No fixed abode - What number?
Henry29A... Twenty nine... A... District?
SeagoonLondon, SW 2.
HenryL O N D O N - South West E S T... Two, wasn't it?
SeagoonYes, two.
HenryT W... No good, I'd better get a pencil and paper and write all this down.

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